Saturday Links

11 Sep

* I love how the Salvadoran news website El Faro experiments with multimedia coverage on Central American stories. Lo que muere en El Espino takes on the issue of the threat to nature and biodiversity in a forest reserve in San Salvador due to the construction of a highway, told through striking images of the park and interviews with the photographer and reporter.

* Fidel Castro invited The Atlantic writer Jeffrey Goldberg to Havana over one weekend over the summer to discuss an article he had written about Iran and Israel. Goldberg’s two blog posts on the trip are a fascinating read. While it sounds like semi-retired Fidel has time for odd activities like watching Havana’s dolphin show, his mind is as probing as ever, and offered a good deal of concern for world peace and self-reflection on his own rule of Cuba. In fact, after Goldberg posted his statement that “The Cuban model doesn’t even work for us anymore,” which was picked up by international media, Fidel claimed Goldberg had misunderstood him.

* Caribbean blogs are reporting that a coalition of lgbtq organizations of CARICOM are preparing to file complaints of discrimination to the Inter American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR).

* Picked up by newspapers worldwide was Hillary Clinton’s wide-ranging speech at the Council on Foreign Relations, offering details of the gov’s foreign policy interests. Of concern to Mexico and Jamaica were her comments on escalation of the drug trade’s violent ramifications in Mexico, and the U.S.’s plans to increase aid to Central America and the Caribbean to fight drug trafficking, comparing such efforts to Plan Colombia. On Just the Facts, Adam Isacson parses the danger of comparing Mexico’s narco-issues to those of Colombia, and to a similar response.


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