Not an Easy Road for Artistes

10 Jun

First, last month Voicemail singer Oneil Edwards is fatally shot coming home in Kingston late at night.

Then, last weekend at the funeral procession for Edwards, graffiti artist LA Lewis scrapes Beenie Man’s SUV, so Beenie Man allegedly gets out of the car to give Lewis a few punches, and is then detained by the police.

A few days later, Gyptian gets in a motorcycle accident with a pedestrian.

After all this and then some, Trinidad has decided it just doesn’t want the kind of luck that tends to surround Jamaican artists, so when Ding Dong arrived in Port-of-Spain for a show, authorities promptly turned him away.

Oh yeah, Buju Banton is still in a Miami jail cell. His trial for charges of cocaine distribution has most recently been rescheduled for September. If you haven’t heard, you can buy a t-shirt to support his legal defense, which sadly failed to win a transfer to another prison that would have been more suitable for the artist’s rasta diet. I can’t wait to hear the songs Gargamel’s working on in there.


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